iMira e-Board is a versatile and customizable virtual platform, designed to cater to the specific needs of various companies and sectors. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for online interaction, communication, and display, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

Main Features and Capabilities:

  • Virtual Showroom: iMira enables businesses to showcase their products in an interactive virtual showroom. 
  • Live Streaming and Video on Demand: The platform supports live streaming through applications like OBS, Xsplit, or Streamlabs and allows storing of live streams for on-demand access. 
  • Customizable Interaction Environment: Users can personalize their virtual space, create different sections with icons, add content via a text editor, and make their brand more visible with links and iframes. 
  • Video Calls and Chat: iMira includes features for video calls with screen sharing, participant moderation, and recording capabilities, as well as a chat function for instant communication. 
  • Document Sharing: The platform supports sharing of images, documents, and videos, enhancing the interactive experience. 
  • Blockchain Technology: iMira incorporates Blockchain technology for secure transaction control and to facilitate sales processes and electronic auctions. 
  • Metaverse Integration: It offers the possibility to embed various metaverse web apps, subject to agreements, and is compatible with platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, MetaSoccer, Soccer City, and Intergalactic Football. 
  • Cloud Compatibility: iMira is compatible with various cloud services including Amazon, Azure, Google, and more.

Use Cases: iMira e-Board has diverse applications across various domains:

  • Sports (e-Sport): Enhances the sporting experience with tools for events, press conferences, and streaming. 
  • Events, Fairs, and Congresses (e-eXpo): Ideal for increasing participation and engagement in events with specialized content creation capabilities. 
  • Scientific Conferences (e-Science): Facilitates online scientific conferences with separate sections, video calls, chat, and document sharing for papers. 
  • Education (e-School): Creates an engaging classroom environment with video call features and allows for syllabus customization and moderated participation. 
  • Multi Streaming: Enables viewing multiple live videos simultaneously, allowing users to control their viewing experience. 
  • Product Showroom (e-Showroom): Provides an online catalog for product display, enhancing customer interaction with multimedia attachments.