Deep Intelligence

Deep Intelligence is a dynamic and user-friendly AI & Machine Learning platform designed to empower businesses by optimizing the use of data. It is uniquely tailored to analyze a wide range of datasets from various sources including websites, files, databases, and sensors, with capabilities for real-time data streaming. The platform features an intuitive visualization environment, simplifying the creation and configuration of algorithms for efficient data analysis. This allows businesses to enhance decision-making processes without requiring expert IT knowledge.

Deep Intelligence is versatile, supporting diverse sectors such as Fintech, IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Biomedical Analysis, Logistics, and Industry 4.0. The platform’s impact is evident, with some customers reporting a significant increase in profits.

Key features of Deep Intelligence include:

  • Full Access to a Machine Learning Platform: Businesses get immediate access to advanced AI algorithms and substantial computing power without the need for prior knowledge in the field.
  • User-Friendly Process: The platform is designed for ease of use, enabling users to analyse data efficiently with a simple click-and-analyse approach.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Deep Intelligence facilitates the sharing of information through customizable dashboards that can be integrated into other online applications.
  • Versatile Data Handling: The platform can handle multiple data and input formats, ensuring comprehensive data extraction from various sources.
  • Scalable and Customizable Solutions: With no limits on data size or processing, the platform offers flexible subscription and pricing plans, including customized solutions as needed.
  • Security and Compliance: Deep Intelligence adheres to global and local privacy laws, providing a secure environment with customizable user permissions and roles.
  • Data Pre-processing & Optimization: The platform enhances data arrangement and applies preprocessing techniques to extract high-value information.
  • Continuous Learning: Utilizing Deep Learning, the platform continuously improves business decisions by integrating updated data and external information sources.
  • Advanced Visualization: A variety of customizable visual charts are available to suit the specific needs of different businesses.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Algorithms: Deep Intelligence constantly updates its algorithms to extract the maximum value from business data.